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Wydział Prawa i Administracji Uniwersytet Warszawski

Feminism and law

Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration University of Warsaw

Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Giaro

is pleased to announce call for abstracts

for the international conference

„Feminism  and law”

The conference will take place on 23rd September 2021 (Thursday)

at the Faculty of Law and Administration University of Warsaw,

Collegium Iuridicum II at 4 Lipowa St. in Warsaw, rooms A3 and A2.


The conference will take place in a hybrid format.

Follow the link to join the conference on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 817 8927 3911


The primary aim of the conference is a follow-up of a feminist academic debate initiated during  the conferences organized at the Faculty of Law and Administration University of Warsaw.

The goal of the present conference is the analysis of feminist ideas and postulates within both historical and comparative perspectives alongside their potential impact upon the formation of legal regulations. Hence, the event would be of an interdisciplinary character.

The suggested topics of the conference include, inter alia:

  • The evolution of feminist ideas within the historical perspective
  • Contemporary feminist ideas
  • Feminism and human rights
  • Feminism and good governance postulates
  • Instruments supporting female participation (parities, quota systems)
  • Maternity and parenthood rights
  • The notion and evolution of reproductive rights 
  • Challenges of work-life balance
  • Feminism and the division between the public and private sphere
  • Feminism and ethics of care
  • Contemporary criminal law and women’s rights
  • Contemporary labour law and women’s rights
  • The principle of equality between women and men
  • Prohibition of discrimination and positive discrimination
  • Feminism in canon law; new feminism.